The central south of the Ecuadorian amazon is inhabited by seven different indigenous nationalities, including some of the world’s last tribes in voluntary isolation. We indigenous peoples depend on nature, and we survive through small- scale agriculture, hunting, gathering, and fishing and through the solidarity of our people. This is complemented by small family initiatives such as the making and selling of crafts, community tourism, and fish farms to ensure food and economic security.


In a region threatened by the oil industry, women are at the forefront of the fight for their communities, livelihood, cultures, and family - all while trying to sustain their themselves and their families. Raising awareness on these issues, and capacity building programs aimed at preserving, protecting, and managing traditional knowledge and arts are likely to fail if they do not place indigenous women at the center, both as actors and as a target group.


Hakhu works in the Amazon region of Ecuador with small communities outside Tena and Puyo, and within the Yasuni National Park. 

Its offices are located at: 

Shyris N36-188 and Naciones Unidas

Quito, Ecuador


Hakhu works in league with:

The Women's Association from CONFENIAE (Confederation of Indigenous Nations from the Amazon).

The Sani WARMI women association in the Yasuni National Park.

The Serena and San Jacinto Comunities in Napo.


It was founded by Leo Cerda in 2016.